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Matching Color
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[Under Construction]

Match-Color for A.R. Coatings

This function is primarily for the design of anti-reflective coatings which have a residual colour and uses the both sides coated model.

Match-color searches within the user defined criteria (layer number, max. and min. layer thickness etc.) for all the designs which have a performance close to the target colour. 

The program then alters the thickness of each layer within the tolerance set by the user (up to + 20% or + 20 nm), using a special distribution function, and calculates the colour deviations caused by variations in the layer thicknesses due to manufacturing errors.

From all the designs found, the ones which have the smallest variation in color for variations in layer thickness, can be selected by the user according to their own criteria.  Three types of deviations are provided (designated by delta numbers).


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