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Our Mission

To become the leading provider of the most user-friendly optical thin film design software with the power of the true global optimisation algorithms in order to offer the best design solutions to the optical coating industry effortlessly and efficiently.

Dot Optimise dielectric & metallic thin films designs 
Dot Analyse them  
Dot See the Color it would have 
Dot Find the Best design for manufacturing colored filters 
Dot Manage your databases. 

OnlyFilm gives you

Dot Great usability 
Dot Optimise your designs quickly 
Dot Analyse the results  
Dot Get the global optimum design - every time - no missing 
Dot And much more ......

Common themes 


Most user variables displayed on the main screen  Reduces errors due to hidden settings
User defined variables have a yellow background.  Easy to see where you enter data 
Data imported / exported in ASCII  Can be used by other programs 
Three coating models supported Both sides, single side, & stack only.  
Thickness data in 3 formats units. Quarter Wave, Physical / Optical  
Customised Merit Functions can be created for you, including 
mixed polarisation products R & T and E field
Get exactly what you need

Contact Information

After hours
Postal address
PO Box 200, Hoxton Park, Sydney, NSW 2171, Australia
Electronic mail
General Information: raylight@onlyfilm.com
Customer Support:     d.li@onlyfilm.com
Sales:                          onlyfilmsale@onlyfilm.com
Webmaster:                webmaster@onlyfilm.com

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