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Download the OnlyFilm Demo:

OnlyFilm download page

There are two ways you can obtain OnlyFilm.

  • You can download here.
  • You can also have the files sent to you on CD, email, write or fax us with you name and address. . 

 OnlyFilm Demo

  • Save the onlyfilm.zip onto a new temporary directory on your hard drive.
    Download OnlyFilm (87,185 KB demo package)

After downloading onlyfilm.zip use UNZIP Software to extract it and run setup.exe to install OnlyFilm.  

  • If you do not have UNZIP Software you may separately download and save the files onto a new temporary directory on your hard drive and run setup.exe to install OnlyFilm.

Download Setup.exe (773 KB)

Download OnlyFilmSetup.msi (542 KB)

Download ONLY.cab (18,960 KB)

Download NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe (68,359 KB)

 After downloading files, see instructions below.

Installation instructions for OnlyFilm

You can choose either of these 2 methods
Method 1:

1.     Prepare a USB Drive
2.     UNZIP the downloaded file onlyfilm.zip and copy all unziped files to the USB Drive
3.     Insert the USB into your computer, and run the setup program.
        This is done by clicking on setup.exe
4.     Follow the instruction to complete installation

Method 2:
1.     Create a temporary directory on your hard disk say c:\onlyfilm_temp
2.     Download each file into the directory
3.     Run the installation executable in the temporary directory by typing:


4.     Follow the instructions to complete installation.
5.     Delete the temporary directory.



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