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Local Optimisation
Global Optimisatiom
Color Calculation
Matching Color

In Thin Film Design

                              there has always been compromise and guesswork

But now, you can find the best solution of all :

Global Optimisation       on OnlyFilm Design Software

Optimise Globally, Design, Analyse, Visualise, Tabulate and Plot thin film coatings with confidence and ease.


Increase Your Productivity        -     Save both time and expenditure


Check Your Manufacture           -     Use measurement data to obtain film parameters


Discover The Alternatives           -     Find designs most tolerant of layer variations


Refine Existing Designs              -     Find optimum performance without adding layers


Design To Any Target                 -     Obtain best design Theoretically Possible


Little Experience Required        -     Find superior results with no guesswork



  On Line Help

  * Free Technical Support

  * Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Manual

  * Innovative & Reliable Optimisation Techniques

  * Most Powerful Optimisation Package At Affordable Cost

  * Windows Multi-document Interface - Easy To Use & Learn


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